Razor Slitting Blade Alloys

Razor Slitting Blade Alloys offer a range of hardness and longevity to suit your specific application.

Advanced Tungsten-Carbide

Submicron-grain tungsten-carbide slitting blades last 10 times longer than the best HSS blades and ensure razor-sharp slitting for up to 20 million linear-feet (8 million linear-meters) of production.

The hot isostatic pressing (HIP) eliminates porosity and strengthens and stabilizes the blade surface for greater resistance to chipping and breaking.

A super-mirror finish (maximum surface roughness of .025 µm) prevents glue accumulation on the blades for cleaner, more precise slitting.

90.5-91.5 HRA (≈ 75 HRC)
1478-1710 Vickers


Corrugated board plants all over the world rely on our Tungsten-Carbide slitting blades for dependable, lasting cutting performance over the course of millions of linear-feet of production.

To ensure a razor-sharp cutting edge, we recommend pairing Tungsten-Carbide slitting blades with Diamond grinding wheels.

Super-Cobalt High-Speed Steel (HSS)

Super-Cobalt HSS slitting blades, manufactured from an alloy of carbon, tungsten, molybdenum, chromium and vanadium, with an 8% cobalt content for increased hardness over M2 HSS.

Super-Cobalt blades resist dulling of the cutting edge at the extreme heat (up to 538º C) that accompanies increased cutting speeds.

To ensure a razor-sharp cutting edge, we recommend pairing Super-Cobalt HSS slitting blades with Cubic-Boron-Nitride grinding wheels.

64-68 HRC
789-942 Vickers


M2 High-Speed Steel (HSS)

The industry standard razor slitting blade, manufactured from an alloy of steel, tungsten and molybdenum that features sufficient wear resistance and hardness for a variety of applications.

61-63 HRC
720-763 Vickers




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