Serrated Male Slotters

knives---condensedConventional male slotters struggle to cleanly shear the shorter fibers of corrugated board produced from recycled grades. To overcome this challenge, SHARP offers serrated slotters in four functional profiles to suit your specific application.

Serrated male slotters grip and shear for cleaner slitting and scoring in recycled and virgin board, as well as in “hot” board fresh off the corrugator or with an otherwise high moisture content. The elongated cutting surface of a serrated slotter also lasts often two to four times as long as a conventional slotter. Serrated male slotters are perfectly compatible with conventional female slotters without any modification.


Serration Profiles

For optimal performance and maximum lifespan, SHARP recommends the use of our four functional serration profiles:

  • F-D – a multi-functional, serrated profile feature sharp teeth, capable of clean slotting in nearly any grade of corrugated board.
  • F-S – featuring a very-fine serrated edge ideal for cleaner slotting into lower-grade linerboard. F-S is recommended for use on Martin and Emba Flexo-Folder-Gluers.
  • F-V – a serration profile suitable for any grade of virgin or recycled board. Due to the higher vibration-tolerance of the tooth profile, F-V is recommended for older models of Flexo-Folder-Slotters.
  • F-R – a serration profile featuring flattened teeth that is ideal for slotting into higher-grade linerboard.



Titanium Nitride (TiN) Coating

High-performance micro-ceramic TiN-coating stands up to heat, wear and corrosion and increases the life of high-speed steel serrated slotters by an additional 300% or more. The lower coefficient of friction reduces resistance during slitting and scoring, generating less heat and prolonging the life of the cutting edge.

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